Catalytic Drying Technologies


About Catalytic Drying Technologies

CDT is committed to improving the productivity and competitiveness of agribusiness through the application of catalytic infrared technology.

Catalytic Drying Technologies is a Division of Catalytic Industrial Group, a diversified family of companies specializing in the adaptation of infrared drying technologies to serve agribusiness and the food and grain processing industries.

A History of Innovation

Catalytic Drying Technologies LLC comes from a history of innovation in the development of catalytic infrared heating technology, dating back to 1953.

Since that time, CDT has evolved, and continuously improved, infrared processing technology that optimizes the way IR energy is delivered to food, feed and fiber. Hundreds of applications have been developed to enhance the quality, yield and throughput for commercially processed grain, produce and pelletized foods.

Researchers at three major universities have provided valuable, independent correlation of the effects and benefits gained through application of this technology. Alliances with major equipment suppliers have led to optimization of purpose-built catalytic infrared systems for many applications.

Catalytic Industrial Group, Inc. continues its long tradition of innovation, quality manufacturing and customer service as it moves into important new areas of commercialization.

Please contact us with your questions regarding how CDT's flameless catalytic infrared processing system can help you.

Our fully equipped test facility at our corporate headquarters is available for developing specific solutions to meet your process requirements.

All testing is complimentary and held confidential. You are invited to join us in the test design and process testing, from benchtop to pilot scale trials.