Catalytic Drying Technologies



Catalytic Drying technologies was one of eight recipients of an award presented as part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Pollution Prevention program. The company received the award in the category of "Environmentally Preferable Products."

In a separate development, Catalytic received a Pollution Prevention Award from the state of Kansas under the category of "New Technologies."

Catalytic Industrial's technology was developed in part with funding from the US Department of Energy's "National Industrial Competitiveness" (NICE3) grant. The technology can reduce moisture content from as high as 90%, to levels as low as 3%.

Catalytic IR is a clean, effective, and environmentally- favored alternative to methyl bromide and other pesticides for the elimination of grain insects, from rice weevils to grain borers to flour beetles.

For stored grains, Catalytic Drying Technologies' system can be regarded as the ultimate in environmentally-favored pest control strategies - and one that is effective against the widest range of grain insects.

The use of Catalytic IR at the appropriate stage during production assures a product that is both pest-free and pesticide-free, at a very reasonable cost.

Regardless of the material being dried, Catalytic's infrared technology generates virtually no volatile organics, carbon monoxide or NOx.

Its use allows air emissions devices such as particulate removal equipment, WESPs (wet electrostatic precipitators) and RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers), as well as fuel preparation equipment, to be eliminated in most facilities.